Our firm’s primary concentration is providing sound estate and life planning counsel and advice to clients. We can help you develop plans for the disposition of your assets during your lifetime as well as after death and for the perpetuation of your family business. After a death has occurred, we will represent the personal representative, whether the spouse, executor, trustee, or administrator, in settling estates and assist in making various decisions for estate and income tax purposes. If a trust is involved, our firm provides advice to trustees with regard to the performance of their duties as trustees and their investment, tax, and accounting responsibilities


When starting a business, advising you on the selection of the proper business entity-corporation, LLC, etc. For current businesses, assisting you with various business transactions. In regards corporate governance, assisting you with corporate formalities. When appropriate, we can represent your business in matters of civil litigation.


Whether it’s your home, investment or business property, we can help you in the negotiation, purchase, sale, exchange or lease of real property. We will advise you on the form of ownership that meets your needs and as well as any income tax ramifications resulting from your transaction. As a title insurance agent, Mr. Skoskiewicz has access to resources which may expedite matters if complications arise.


Tax planning and estate planning are important considerations for individuals and businesses.
Depending on your individual circumstances, through careful planning you may legally minimize your tax liability for yourself, your business, or your estate. You should not pay any more taxes than you are legally obligated to, whether the tax is on your income, gifts or your estate. It’s also important to recognize that paying taxes is a legal obligation. Ignorance of the law is no excuse especially to the IRS. Having competent legal and tax counsel makes for good business sense.


We can defend you when on those rare occasions criminal charges are brought against you or a member of your family. As an assistant public defender, Mr. Skoskiewicz defended numerous clients in misdemeanor matters including DUI and traffic offenses. Our firm can defend you in non-traffic cases as well.

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